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About us

Cosmetics NZ was formed in 1972 by a group of manufacturing companies primarily to lobby government as a united industry. Since then the industry has seen multi-national mergers, the emergence of local brands and an increased focus on manufacturing and exporting, and the membership base of the association has also reflected these changes.

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Look Good
Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better is the charity founded and developed in 1992 by Cosmetics NZ (known then as Cosmetics Toiletries Fragrances Association). Look Good Feel Better is a free service specifically designed to improve the quality of life of cancer patients by helping restore lost confidence and self-esteem for those dealing with the appearance related side effects of cancer treatment.  The program operates in 27 countries around the world, is a registered charity relying on self-funding and community donations. Cosmetics NZ members donate cosmetic products each year to support the programmes. 



Cosmetics NZ is governed by a President, Executive Technical Director and General Manager along with the Board made up of elected representatives from member companies. 


The Board meets quarterly to review Cosmetics NZ direction, industry initiatives and service to members. There is an Annual General Meeting where new Board Members can be elected or current Board Members re-elected. The membership is governed by the Constitution and the Code of Ethics. 

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