New Zealand Suncare Initiative

The New Zealand Suncare Initiative is a special interest group established by Cosmetics New Zealand in 2021 to motivate Kiwis to be sun safe, by bringing balance and dimension to the narrative around sunscreen products and sun safety behaviour.

Members of the New Zealand Suncare Initiative span international and local sunscreen brands united in championing safe sunscreen development and use in New Zealand.

Local independent experts in formulation development, product testing, skin cancer prevention and the regulatory environment are also aligned with the Initiative to embody a diverse range of perspectives.


Lyndal O'Toole

General Manager Cosmetics NZ
NZ Suncare Initiative Spokepserson

Garth Wylie

Executive Director Cosmetics NZ
Regulation Expert
AS/NZS 2604 Sunscreen
StandardCommittee Member

Dr Chris Boberg

Skin Cancer Expert
President of NZ Skin Cancer Doctors Society
Co-Chair at Melanoma Network of NZ

Dr Dominika Andrys

Formulation Scientist
New Product Developer
Cosmetic Chemist



For media enquiries please contact:

Alice McKay
Applause Communications
[email protected]
021 847 795

For Cosmetics New Zealand enquiries please contact:

Lyndal O’Toole
Cosmetics New Zealand
[email protected]
021 031 6736

New Zealand Suncare Initiative Members:

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